Who am I?

My name is Daniel Brandt and I am an Industrial Designer (MID) and Graphic Designer from Malmö,
Sweden. I was born 1979 in Lund with a slight form of visual impairment that possibly has made my
approach to design slightly different from many other designers and artists – but I have found that
different, in this sense, works very well when it comes to design.

I currently work as an graphic designer and editor at Smartfilm here in Malmö, alongside personal work for
various projects via my own studio and music label, Aeongate. Previous experience range from
graphic design, video editing, animation and 3D-rendering to conceptual and industrial
design in Sweden and in Germany. My primary design studies and master degree where
completed at the Program of Industrial Design at Lund University.

Always eager for learning more, finding new challenges and making new antiquates, I constantly
try to make tomorrow today. Oh, and yes, I try to give our little planet a push in a more
healthy direction anytime I can – in any case by donating a percentage of my earnings to
various environmental organisations. Not to bad an idea, I think.