17th century style book trailer

My concept for cost efficient book trailers is spreading thanks to a number of selected clients that has worked with me as test candidates. I am now expanding the project and including it as a part of the services if provide as a freelancer.

I was asked by publisher Ekström & Garay and author Peter Larsson to create a 17th century styled book trailer for a book set around the year 1600 in Italy. The main character is a young boy that flees hos home town of Naples in Italy after a devestating volcanic eruption. The story is one where death and danger of a n imminent doom constantly looms closely, and that feeling was important to get across in the trailer.

To get the style right for the time period, I decided to work with typefaces that where crafted in the 17th century and added a somewhat gritty texture quality to images and texts. I also worked with stark colour contrasts and a careful selection of video material fitting the theme.

The final result can be viewed right here.