Who am I?

My name is Daniel Brandt and I am a Graphic Designer and an Industrial Designer (MID) from Lund, Sweden. I currently work as Art Director at Smartfilm in Malmö.

I was born in Sweden in 1979 but have worked in both Germany and Sweden.

For a full CV, please refer to my page on LinkedIn.

Personal work range through various projects via my own studio and music label, aeongate. Previous experience range from graphic design, video editing, animation and 3D-rendering to conceptual and industrial
design in Sweden and in Germany. My primary design studies and master degree where completed at the Program of Industrial Design at Lund University.

Always eager to learn, finding new challenges and meeting new interesting people, I constantly try to make tomorrow today. And in the process I try to give our little planet a push in a more sustainable direction where I can –also by donating a percentage of my earnings to various environmental organisations. Not to bad an idea, I think.