Aeongate updated logo and web design

The label and creative studio AEONGATE was one of my first design projects, starting already around 1995-96 with a simple logo design. Which later evolved into several evolved versions. The last major update was made in 2007 where the logo was based on Daniel Pelavin‘s eminent Art Deco inspired typeface ITC Anna.

I really enjoy that typeface which has a nice retro touch and a pleasant geometric style that suits AEONGATE well. But an update has been long overdue, and the need for both a more modern look and abetter working graphic mark has grown even more apparent with the recent focus on digital services.

To keep true to the geometric ambitions of the original logo, I created a new one with simplified forms, yet with more negative space. Some letters clearly remind of the previous logo for recognition.

The updated webpage of AEONGATE was a suitable test ground for the updated logo and mark where it can be clearly seen to work together with the refurbished web design, complete with fresh image material created especially for the site as part of the graphic profile.