Book trailer premiere

After having seen the need for a more interesting way to present new books on social media for some time now, I have launched a new project with a selected few clients. Well, certainly book trailers is nothing completely new. But a smart combination of motion graphics, video editing, visual effects, sound design and music production all in one package is a quite interesting creative staring point.

First out is a book trailer that I created for my friends, crime authors and now also married couple, Kerstin & Johan Höfler. The book trailer or teaser was created exclusively for social media by the authors and the publishing house Ekström & Garay in Lund, Sweden.

The book itself is the reworked first novel of a trilogy by the couple. And an outstanding example of the genre Malmö Noir.

The trailer, alongside a selection of others that I have created can be found on my official Vimeo page.