graphic design

Re-designing Smartfilm

The work for updating the visual appearance of the film and advertisement agency Smartfilm has been going on for quite a while now. And for the 15th anniversary of the company this autumn, it will be time to reveal what has been in the making. Stay tuned.

Neurobash: Doctrine

With a changed concept for the new Neurobash album the graphics and overall feel of advertisement and promotional photographs had to be updated. To reflect the harsher sound palette of the resulting new material on DOCTRINE we decided to go for a monochrome look resembling the earliest material of the band – back to the […]

Christmas Countdown 2015

It was that time of year again and I decided to continue my tradition of creating a Christmas countdown with entertaining images for the amusement of myself and my closest – although the concept seems to spread in a wider circle for each year. Although much appreciated, As I did not want to continue with […]


It has been quite a while since I released any music under my own name. When it comes to the musical side of things I have during the past years almost exclusively worked as a producer and musician for other bands and projects. As 2015 comes to and end I took a look backwards and […]

Redesigning aeongate

My aeongate / aeongate studios has housed many projects and functions since the start in 1990. Much of the time the homepage has displayed all different projects that I have been involved in – everything from an art gallery, music shop to a personal presentation page. With the reincorporation of the record label Tigon Media, […]

Updating Neurobash

The duo Neurobash is soon to return with a new adventure and I am honored to once again have been asked to create the artwork together with them. So far a new logo and paintings for different release formats have been created along a first set of promotional photographs (to be revealed later). Here is […]

2014 calendar

I usually do not try to stick out that very much in social media when it comes to selfless or even pictures of myself. Surely, there are many much more interesting things to picture. With the winter drawing nearer I however found myself with a irresistible idea of a selfie calendar which I knew I […]

Concept Art - A Life Well Wasted

A Life Well Wasted

Concept Art – A Life Well Wasted – Track-by-track artwork created for a forthcoming full length album by the constellation Neurobash.

Concept Art - Insignificant As We Are

Insignificant As We Are

Concept Art – Insignificant As We Are – Track-by-track artwork created for a forthcoming full length album by the constellation Neurobash.

Afterworld - concept artwork and typeface

Afterworld – Concept art and typeface design

Concept art and typeface “Afterworld” created for a book project in seven volumes originally started in 1990. Although laying dormant for many years, the project has been relaunched as a past time activity since 2013 and can best be described as a blend of science-fiction and fantasy, complete with intricate alien civilisations and a time-travelling […]