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Sledgehammer Brewing label designs

The first batch of label design for Sledgehammer Brewing Company Sweden is out along with the amazing brews of the local brewery with international ambitions. A truly colourful and fun range to work with with an overwhelming positive response. really looking forward to the continuation of this.

Visual Identity for Sledgehammer Brewing Company

The year continues with the ongoing creation of a visual identity for Trevlig helg! bold new Sledgehammer Brewing Company of Sweden. The name and logo of the brewery was inspired by the nickname of founder and master brewer Fredrik “The Sledge” Lind. The symbol is a stylistic hammer of Thor from ancient nordic mythology – […]

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Buddy – 10 years later

Ten years after coming home from Germany, where I spent about a year and a half on a design agency based in Düsseldorf, I found these quick renders for a prize that I designed for a local award. The theme was anti-bullying through a nation-wide initiative and help program. The intention was to create a […]

Concept Design - Protoplasma Analogue Synthesizer - standard version with physical interface

Protoplasma Synthesizer and wireless controller

Concept Design – Protoplasma digitally controlled analogue synthesizer and dockable wireless interface option. Intended in two versions: Standard Edition with physical interface for direct control and RAW Edition for use with computer/DAW and with optional wireless interface (primarily intended for live use of the instrument). Concept design developed during industrial design studies at Lund University […]

LED-Companion design project - intro

LED Companion – The Development of a Lighting Solution for Medical Care in the Home Environment

My thesis work at the Master Program of Industrial Design at Lund University in Sweden from 2007. The resulting report and prototype was aimed to find a solution to increase patient security for medical care and assistance in the home environment. As it is steadily becoming an increasingly popular option, but is typically lacking proper […]