typography design

Afterworld - concept artwork and typeface

Afterworld – Concept art and typeface design

Concept art and typeface “Afterworld” created for a book project in seven volumes originally started in 1990. Although laying dormant for many years, the project has been relaunched as a past time activity since 2013 and can best be described as a blend of science-fiction and fantasy, complete with intricate alien civilisations and a time-travelling […]

Retro is the future!

Retro is the future

A retro-futuristic design inspired by the classic Nixie tubes of the 1930′s and onward. In order to create a convincing illustration most letters of the alphabet was created so that each tube could display up to 5 letters, resulting in an independent typeface, the Nixie-D. The 2D-illustration was created solely with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop […]

The Naked Moon - artwork for Ralph Lundsten

The Naked Moon

Artwork for the Ralph Lundsten project The Naked Moon and the Virgin Sun from 2008. Physical CD release available through Andromeda Music.

Recovery - promotional poster

Designs for music

A selection of various CD-cover designs created between 2003-2013 for various artists and my own music projects.

Neurobash - Visual Identity and promotional material 2012

Visual Identity 2012 for Neurobash

Complete visual identity for the constellation Neurobash and their 2012 album. Concept design, artwork and media design, a new logo, photographs and also video material was created to maintain a seamless experience. The project was executed via the music label Tigon Media (acquired by Aeongate in 2013). More information on www.neurobash.com. Delivered productions: Complete graphic […]

Graphic Design - Doggie - Children's Book - character

Doggie the Children’s Book

Examples of illustrations from a children’s book especially created for my brothers children, evolving around the toy dog Doggie and his new wheeled friend Red.

Neurobash - Visual Identity and promotional material 2010

Visual Identity 2010 for Neurobash

Complete visual identity for the constellation Neurobash, for marketing the 2011 album Stereotype in the heavy electro scene.