Christmas Countdown 2015

It was that time of year again and I decided to continue my tradition of creating a Christmas countdown with entertaining images for the amusement of myself and my closest – although the concept seems to spread in a wider circle for each year. Although much appreciated,

As I did not want to continue with the exact same concept from the year before, I decided that the new calendar should consist of hand-drawn images in a style derived from a concept for a number of children’s-books that I came up with a couple of years ago. Nothing all to revolutionary, yet quite effective. Inked originals are scanned in high resolution and then coloured digitally with Photoshop and my trusty Wacom Intous3. The result is simplistic and colourful.

The general rule that I set for myself rather than simply creating fun images (primiarily) with Christmas or winter themes, was that every picture should always somehow relate to the number of the day the respective image was released. This proved not to be all that easy, and sometimes more clearly perceivable to the viewer than on other times, but a fun challenge indeed. And yes, the result quite often turned out quite nerdy indeed. But this audience, I am sure, is surely not surprised.

The result was spread via my personal Facebook page, and via Instagram.