Christmas Countdown 2018

My annual Christmas countdown this time consisted of 24 hand made images of a fairy-tale like winter town, inked on carefully selected course paper for a true hands-on feel through the entire process.

The originals where scanned in high resolution and combined into a single digital image measuring over 8.000 x 10.000 pixels. And after that divided again onto their different parts and posted on Instagram – one each for every day in December until the 24th.

The decision to work with traditional materials instead of digital tools sprung out of an urge to rediscover my roots – and try to develop the techniques I used in the past further. One of the really pleasant challenges with this project was to create basic patterns for each type of material featured in the complete image – ranging from algae and pine spruces through bricks, ice and roof tiles. It was great fun to get all the details into place.

See the complete image here!

Above, photograps of the finished originals – and below the scanned result.