Classic Darkness Book Cover

It is not all that often that you get to design the cover of an anthology in which your work is featured. And then suddenly it happens. In this case I was asked by Darkness Publishing to design a cover for the short story anthology DARKNESS KLASSIKER, which contains reinterpretations by a selection of classic story tales.

The book is the latest in a series of titles with similar themes – based on H.C Andersen stories, the tales of brothers Grimm and also Arabian Nights. So the basic task was simple: keep things similar. But darker. In black and silver.

The design was based on previous illustrations created by Ulrica Edvinsson Sundin. I decided for a slightly more gritty look, and redesigned everything from the basic texture and bevel effect to the ornaments and title. To complete the design, a new cover illustration was also needed.

The tales of this book all have one quite obvious thing in common: All have been reinterpreted by Disney more or less recently. Hence, a certain castle in Florida seemed like a fitting illustration for the cover. To fot the style of the previous covers, however, the style of the illustration must be kept very simplistic – almost childish in character. It took a few tries with the charcoal pens to get it right.

The feedback from Darkness Publishing, reviewers and the authors have been very pleasing so far. I am really looking forward to the finished book. Not the least, to read the rest of the interpretations.