Formidaniel Book trailers

After having seen quite a few bad examples of book trailers I decided to develop a better way to market books on social media and webpages. But for a more reasonable budget than usual.

About three months later, following an initial trial with a selected few customers, the offer is now a part of the initial product range of my company, Formidaniel AB. I am very pleased with the feedback so far, and there are some really nice examples to be shown already.

More details regarding the offer (in Swedish) can be found on the company homepage. Visit https://www.formidaniel.se/boktrailers/.

Direct link to the showcase on the Formidaniel Youtube channel: Go here.

I also summarised my experience with developing better marketing for books with book trailers in an article on LinkedIn. Check it out my findings and some tips for better book trailers and video marketing in general. The article is available right here.


Formidaniel and taking matters into your own hands

I have worked as a freelancer for quite some time, in order to take on work that I really enjoy doing but could not take on as an employee where I was currently working. During the years I have accumulated more and more projects and customers and although the intention has never really been to go full out, last year I found myself in a position where I really needed a change. Not the least for my own well being.

So I decided to try this and see where it leads me. And I am pleased to say that things are working out quite nicely so far. Despite the pandemic, I have had the opportunity to work on fantastic projects for new and old clients since the forming of my own company, Formidaniel AB.

And yes, the company name is sort of a pun. If you know me, you also know I am really not one to boast. But when it comes to work, I expect nothing less than the formidable from myself. And since form is what it all is all about – the name was too fun to leave unused.

So, since October last year I am officially running my own company, and since this January this is what I do full time. Or at least as much as possible, leaving extra hours for relaxation and finding new inspiration. A thing which is well needed after being in a bad place for a while.

I am eager to find what the future holds. And I can promise, the times ahead will be very exciting indeed.

Formidaniel icon logo in retro style with an Art Deco style background in cut out brass finish against a dark background.
The visual identity of the company showcased together with a template for an invoice.
A screenshot from my new company home page, formidaniel.se with the logo and graphic profile of Formidaniel AB implemented, and the colourful artwork of Sledgehammer Brewing showcased on the front page.

Alternate Dimensions

While compiling a selection of older Science Fiction short stories I was inspired to create a work of art that could convey the concept of alternative realities or alternate dimensions. When I came across a fantastic shot by Mithul Varshan from Puducherry, India, I found the perfect start for a surrealistic digital painting.

Created with additional image material with Adobe Photoshop.


17th century style book trailer

My concept for cost efficient book trailers is spreading thanks to a number of selected clients that has worked with me as test candidates. I am now expanding the project and including it as a part of the services if provide as a freelancer.

I was asked by publisher Ekström & Garay and author Peter Larsson to create a 17th century styled book trailer for a book set around the year 1600 in Italy. The main character is a young boy that flees hos home town of Naples in Italy after a devestating volcanic eruption. The story is one where death and danger of a n imminent doom constantly looms closely, and that feeling was important to get across in the trailer.

To get the style right for the time period, I decided to work with typefaces that where crafted in the 17th century and added a somewhat gritty texture quality to images and texts. I also worked with stark colour contrasts and a careful selection of video material fitting the theme.

The final result can be viewed right here.


Time for Mars to bloom

While writing my upcoming novel I decided to create some artwork inspired by the story that was evolving. I wanted to create something suitable as a cover, although the result may not be the final one.

As the story explores the boundaries between “real” humans and artificially created ones, I wanted to put emphasis on that breaking point.

Mars is featured in an important role of the story, alongside the terraforming of the planet. This made me want to explore a floral look.

The final result is created by a mixture of photography and 3D-rendered images (such as the planet Mars which was created with textures courtesy of NASA and modelled in After Effects) and was finished of with digital painting in Photoshop.