Logo design for LAENK

The new year takes of with a logo design for the artist / music project LAENK. A simplistic typeface design with a touch of both the past and the future – all linked together into one. Here an example of the logo presented in a stereoscope inspired manner.


Christmas Countdown 2017

As a tradition since a few years back, I have created 24 images as a countdown to the 24th of December. Just for fun – and really just for my own sake. The resulting artwork, however, has become somewhat of tradition for friends and family as well. And since the holiday is much about sharing, well how could I refuse to do so?

This time I decide to mix styles and media so that every day would be something quite it’s own. The only red thread is that the number of the corresponding day is present – clearly visible or in a more abstract way.

The artwork was mainly produced with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with different combinations of photography and 3D-renderings.


For excitement and serious business

My friends and authors Ivarsson & Andersson asked for my help with a poster design for their ongoing lecture series about today’s economic crimes against the state. The lectures are also a part of marketing their novel “Råttan” (“The Rat”, in English) which deals with this kind of criminal activities, set in Malmö Sweden.

The photography used was shot by Henrik “Fink” Nilsson with lighting concept by yours truly.

The logo uses is a redesigned version of the novel title, courtesy of Blue Publishing. Client: Spänning & Allvar.


Launch of official author page

After a few months of debating with myself wether to create an official web presence for my written adventures, I have finally taken the step on launching a Facebook page. Writing has been one of my life long ambitions and the past two years I have taken up the pen again to write on other stories than my ambitious novel project nicknamed “Afterworld”. Short stories, I have found, is a bit quicker to finish but are almost as satisfying as a full novel. And my recent rediscovery of the format has led to a fe recent publications, so why not go all in.

Link and details will be available shortly. Please be aware, though, that my fiction writing is all in Swedish so far.


20th anniversary of BeerHunters

I recently had the honour of designing the graphics and invitation for the upcoming 20th anniversary of the local craft beer tasting society BerrHunters of Lund. The anniversary logo will be used for correspondence throughout the year.