Launch of official author page

After a few months of debating with myself wether to create an official web presence for my written adventures, I have finally taken the step on launching a Facebook page. Writing has been one of my life long ambitions and the past two years I have taken up the pen again to write on other stories than my ambitious novel project nicknamed “Afterworld”. Short stories, I have found, is a bit quicker to finish but are almost as satisfying as a full novel. And my recent rediscovery of the format has led to a fe recent publications, so why not go all in.

Link and details will be available shortly. Please be aware, though, that my fiction writing is all in Swedish so far.


20th anniversary of BeerHunters

I recently had the honour of designing the graphics and invitation for the upcoming 20th anniversary of the local craft beer tasting society BerrHunters of Lund. The anniversary logo will be used for correspondence throughout the year.


Smartfilm 2.0

The new visual identity of Smartfilm is now unfolding – first on social media and later with an updated webpage to follow in autumn.

The guidelines of the identity has been purposely set quite loosely in order to inspire to experimentation foremost in moving formats. A wide range of colours and a basic set of icons / symbols will allow for later developing and adaptation of styles for various productions, of course extending to physical media.


Father died every night

Just finished the final poster designs for Karen Helene Haugaards short film “Min Pappa dog Varje Kväll / Father died Every Night”. The graphic and typography design for the films was finished up earlier on together with the final editing of the film.

Premiering at the PIXEL short film festival in Ystad Sweden, Karen Helene Haugaards film took home an award for best acting and also received the honorary award.

Reading the credits carefully on the silver screen or online, will reveal my contribution as sound recorder and editor of the final version, alongside additional music and sound design for the film score. Very proud to be part of this wonderful and committed team.


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