Unitary video

Just finishing up on a video that I have been asked to produce for the Swedish industrial band Unitary. The video consists of short scenes that has been composed together by photographs of the artist (Johan Hansson) and photographs / live footage shot in Malmö, Cardiff and Birmingham. Through combining the stark aesthetics of early 20th century architecture with the softness of the human body, I really think there is something quite beautiful about this in all its simplicity. The resulting video will be released sometime before the summer and will be a teaser for the coming album due later this year.





Updating Neurobash

The duo Neurobash is soon to return with a new adventure and I am honored to once again have been asked to create the artwork together with them. So far a new logo and paintings for different release formats have been created along a first set of promotional photographs (to be revealed later). Here is a first look at one of the final proposals for the logo and album artwork.




2014 calendar

I usually do not try to stick out that very much in social media when it comes to selfless or even pictures of myself. Surely, there are many much more interesting things to picture. With the winter drawing nearer I however found myself with a irresistible idea of a selfie calendar which I knew I simply had to execute. Here is a small selection of the in total 24 images that I created with a Canon D550 in my bedroom with a selection of clothes, wigs and accessories – of which I am almost ashamed to admit very few are borrowed. I had a great time creating these pictures, almost continuously giggling to myself. Hardly had I expected the overjoyed response they created among friends and colleagues. And, although at my own dispense, spreading joy and love is what this particular part of the year is all about, right?








Buddy – 10 years later

Ten years after coming home from Germany, where I spent about a year and a half on a design agency based in Düsseldorf, I found these quick renders for a prize that I designed for a local award. The theme was anti-bullying through a nation-wide initiative and help program. The intention was to create a simplistic design to be executed by a fine carpenter in the neighbourhood. A quick search on the Internet showed that one of the first design where chosen although I did not hear much more of it at the time. I can simply suppose that the design was to some satisfaction.




A Life Well Wasted

Concept Art - A Life Well Wasted

Concept Art – A Life Well Wasted – Track-by-track artwork created for a forthcoming full length album by the constellation Neurobash.

Concept Art - A Life Well Wasted (detail)

Concept Art – A Life Well Wasted (detail)