Aeongate updated logo and web design

The label and creative studio AEONGATE was one of my first design projects, starting already around 1995-96 with a simple logo design. Which later evolved into several evolved versions. The last major update was made in 2007 where the logo was based on Daniel Pelavin‘s eminent Art Deco inspired typeface ITC Anna. I really enjoy […]


Sledgehammer – Experimental releases

Two new brews from Sledgehammer Brewing Company where presented at the Great Swedish Beer Festival in Malmö earlier this year. Honky Tonka, a triple cereal porter with tonic beans and the Mystic Godiva English style IPA with experimental hops. Glad to continue working together with this promising brewery to create colourful designs that really catches […]


Logo design for LAENK

The new year takes of with a logo design for the artist / music project LAENK. A simplistic typeface design with a touch of both the past and the future – all linked together into one. Here an example of the logo presented in a stereoscope inspired manner.