Neurobash Re-Releases

Neurobash celebrates 10 years since the band released Antitype EP – a release that truly earned them a place in the spotlight. With a daring graphic profile, creative photography and video making our partnership started with a bang and has continued to challenge our creative collaborations ever since. I am proud to still be a […]


Mindset – the film

The year started with shooting a short film together with my brother Anders, cinematographer and co-founder of Smartfilm in Limhahm-Malmö. The film, entitled Mindset, has been backed by a brilliant team of people both behind and in front of the camera and is currently in post production at Smartfilm. The music for the film will […]


Neurobash: Doctrine

With a changed concept for the new Neurobash album the graphics and overall feel of advertisement and promotional photographs had to be updated. To reflect the harsher sound palette of the resulting new material on DOCTRINE we decided to go for a monochrome look resembling the earliest material of the band – back to the […]


Updating Neurobash

The duo Neurobash is soon to return with a new adventure and I am honored to once again have been asked to create the artwork together with them. So far a new logo and paintings for different release formats have been created along a first set of promotional photographs (to be revealed later). Here is […]


Visual Identity 2010 for Neurobash

Neurobash - Visual Identity and promotional material 2010

Complete visual identity for the constellation Neurobash, for marketing the 2011 album Stereotype in the heavy electro scene.