Alternate Dimensions

While compiling a selection of older Science Fiction short stories I was inspired to create a work of art that could convey the concept of alternative realities or alternate dimensions. When I came across a fantastic shot by Mithul Varshan from Puducherry, India, I found the perfect start for a surrealistic digital painting. Created with […]


Time for Mars to bloom

While writing my upcoming novel I decided to create some artwork inspired by the story that was evolving. I wanted to create something suitable as a cover, although the result may not be the final one. As the story explores the boundaries between “real” humans and artificially created ones, I wanted to put emphasis on […]


Neurobash Re-Releases

Neurobash celebrates 10 years since the band released Antitype EP – a release that truly earned them a place in the spotlight. With a daring graphic profile, creative photography and video making our partnership started with a bang and has continued to challenge our creative collaborations ever since. I am proud to still be a […]



It has been quite a while since I released any music under my own name. When it comes to the musical side of things I have during the past years almost exclusively worked as a producer and musician for other bands and projects. As 2015 comes to and end I took a look backwards and […]


Visual Identity 2010 for Neurobash

Neurobash - Visual Identity and promotional material 2010

Complete visual identity for the constellation Neurobash, for marketing the 2011 album Stereotype in the heavy electro scene.