The Fantastic Teaser

I had the pleasure to create a video teaser for the major book event in Sweden – the Göteborg Book Fair. More specially for Fantastikgränd – a group of around 20 publishers and authors of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror books.

As the fair of 2020 will be more or less digital, the usual free book with samples from the works originating from Fantastikgränd this time around will be a downloadable e-book. And as the exhibiters can’t reach visitors in the normal way, it was decided that a book trailer or teaser would be the ideal way to spread the word.

As the fantastic genres in question are real favourites of mine I was delighted by being asked to create marketing material for the e-book.

The eye-catching intro for the trailer was created as digital paintings combined with various photographs and then animated in Adobe After Effects. Editing and texts where created in a combination by After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere. I spent some extra time on creating custom wipe-effects for the revealing of books, to create a dynamic and interesting look.

The teaser was created in 4:5 format for the most dynamic use on various social media platforms. Also 9:16 adaptations where made exclusively for Instagram Stories.

The final result can be viewed right here: Vimeo Book Trailer showcase.

Digital illustration combined with creative photography.
The end screen of the teaser. In aspect 4:5.