It has been quite a while since I released any music under my own name. When it comes to the musical side of things I have during the past years almost exclusively worked as a producer and musician for other bands and projects. As 2015 comes to and end I took a look backwards and found a few hidden gems that had for different reasons never been released, yet had a firm place in my heart. The decision to share them came as naturally as the collection of songs themselves and was swiftly made into a new EP which I named twozero-onefive.

The EP consists of five songs, of which two – “Die Down” and “Man-Made” – where originally written for the new album by Neurobash but never made it to the finished album. “Die Down” still features some of the additional material recorded together with Neurobash but ended up something quite different than was intended for the album. The rest of the songs are embryos that have been refined into final versions during the later part of the year.

The cover was produced with long-time and double exposure photography at aeongate studios and features one of my latest typefaces also featured here on the homepage.

The result can be heard on Spotify and Bandcamp.