Xmas countdown 2016

As part of the traditions of Christmas, I take some odd hours of during the hectic ending of the year to produce a Christmas calender/countdown on Facebook and Instagram. Each year I select at theme and work thorough 24 images to be released during December. Not that I really have the time – but creating these images for my own personal amusement and with goals and management that is completely my own, severs to force my own creativity onwards and partly as self therapy.

This years theme was alternative Christmas tree ornaments, with the ambition to create semi-photo realistic images of beauty and wonder. I took the time to explore different technical aspects of drawing materials and moods, solely with the help of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Only the rudimentary 3D-possibilities of Illustrator was used as a base to create the three dimensional look of the images together with own photographed material and textures. The exceptions here is some free photos from NASA and a few borrowed details from a selected few stock resources.